In The Name of Allah; the Merciful, the Beneficent.

The Open Islamic Curriculum, Madaar Project, aims to fill a major gap existing in Islamic Education. Currently materials presented within an Islamic worldview are limited to Islamic Studies and Arabic Studies. Rather than try to simply neutralize an existing curriculum by removing content, we seek to create an integrated curriculum that revolves around developing, enriching and supporting the Islamic worldview within all subjects of study. The material will be offered freely for all to use.

In order to ensure that quality and content are of the highest order we plan to have a review system that will act as a quality control mechanism for the open source methodology of creating and sharing educational materials. The development of the curriculum will take place in stages and is based upon a pre-determined theme-based integrated educational methodology. Each lesson plan will be written around a central Islamic theme, each theme will have a sub-theme and that will be taught for one week. The respective lesson plans, all reinforcing the central themes, will be brought together in the form of a final weekly theme assignment, which will require students to incorporate all the subjects learned throughout the week.

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