How It Works

1 You: From the website you can
download materials freely and
you can upload materials to
submit to the wider community.


2 Sorting: All uploaded materials
are sorted by the Madaar team.


3 Peer Review: Before the resource
that you’ve uploaded is shared
publicly on the website, it is
reviewed by a team of specialists
– including an Islamic scholar, a
PhD in education and an Islamic
school teacher.


4 Sharing: Then materials will be
uploaded onto the website and
added to the data base of
OpenSource Islamic Curricula materials.


The sharing process outlined here will ensure that materials available on the website
meet a level of quality both in terms of worldview, content and educational
methodology. And, the constant support of you, the user, by re-submitting the updates
and changes you’ve made continues to improve the materials being freely shared.

The model relies on collective action by professionals, teachers and parents to share
and create educational resources so that with time insha’Allah we will begin to be able
to compile existing materials and assign tasks for entire curricula development.

Downloadable Resources: